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Welcome to Garfinkel Therapy & Consultation
We are in the process of growing! This includes “renovations” with our booking system and management software.  We will be using OWL practice to support us on our journey. OWL is PHIPA and College compliant; 
data is secure with server location within Canada.
Current clients of this practice that are active* will be able to create and manage their sessions by registering with the online Client Portal. As well as have an overview of their account balances and record of previous
and upcoming appointment times.
Individuals interested in booking a time to speak to someone in order to become an active* status client 
will be directed to book a time for a free telephone consultation to explore their situation and circumstances
and ask questions about our services.
After our call (telephone intake), if you wish to proceed with sessions with one of our therapists; you will 
be directed specifically at that time on whether there is a waitlist for that therapist/service, or offered the 
opportunity to set up an account to proceed.
As always, current and prospective clients can contact us through our online form, as well as via email or telephone call. Information can be located on our Contact Page
Clients who are not currently active* will not be able to book any other sessions through this portal.
*Active clients are those who are currently having regular sessions with one of our team members. 
Clients who have not been seen in the last 3 months will have to contact us directly to look at 
registering/re-registering for access to the Client Portal and the timing to resume sessions.
I look forward to “growing” with you all in this transition and appreciate your patience.
Leanne Garfinkel MA, SEP, RP
GarfinkelTherapy & Consultation
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